About our Schools

Superior North Catholic District School Board focuses on offering Christian inspired educational experiences that boost academic excellence while nurturing students to become people of integrity for a lifetime.

As a parent in today’s society, you are constantly bombarded with responsibilities at work and at home. There's nothing as important as knowing your child is learning in an environment that shares your desires for your child as a parent i.e. their happiness and well-being.

One of the most crucial decisions any parent makes for their child revolves around education. As a parent, you can choose an education path for your child that focuses on academic excellence, athletics or extracurricular opportunities or a path that focuses all of those things including who your child becomes i.e. their values and character.

An educational institution that is immersed and motivated by Christian values is uniquely positioned to meet this crucial but commonly overlooked objective.

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Choosing the Right Path for your Child

for education, happiness, intergrity, and well-being

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