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On behalf of the Trustees and staff of the Superior North Catholic, we are excited and happy to welcome our students back to tour amazing classrooms for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Our Catholic School Board mission statement is to ensure authentic Catholic Education for All through a commitment to gospel values, in a culture of leading and learning through integrity, inclusion, inquiry, illumination and inspiration. 

The first day of school for our students across our system is Wednesday, September 6th. For more information, or to register, check out our website or contact your Principal! 

We are looking forward to the new school year, and all it will bring in terms of forming strong friendships, learning, innovation, and growing together in faith. Superior North Catholic is proud to support student achievement and well-being in all areas of the curriculum, within a 21st-century learning context.

Together We Educate, Heart, Mind and Soul!