Video Transcript of Compassion by Holy Angels' School

Student 1: This is how we show compassion.

Student 2: Compassion is sharing.

Student 3: Compassion is someone who doesn’t bully and someone who cares about friends and family.

Student 4: Compassion is being nice.

Student 5: Compassion is thinking of others feelings.

Student 6: Compassion is helping of kittens.

Student 7: Compassion is love.

Teacher: Kade, what is compassion?

Kade: Sharing.

Student 8: Compassion is being kind and sharing.

Student 9: Compassion is sharing, caring and when someone is hurt go get them an ice pack

Student 10: Compassion is being nice and kind and thinking about others.

Teacher: What is compassion, Kiera?

Student 11: Sharing your toys and love.

Student 12: Compassion is caring for someone.

Teacher: Mia, what is Compassion?

Mia: Caring and sharing.

Student 13: Compassion means loving and caring

Student 14: Caring and kindness. You show love with your heart and love others and show them that you care

Teacher: What is is compassion?

Student 15: Compassion is loving and caring.

Student 16: Compassion is loving and caring.

Student 17: Compassion is caring for others and being respectful to others.

Student 18: Compassion is caring for others.

Student 19: Compassion is including people.

Student 20: Compassion is thinking of others before you.

A group of students reply: Let’s all show compassion.