Push for Change

Push for Change

What a FABULOUS week with Joe Roberts and The Push for Change team!

On Monday Feb 27th, Joe Roberts visited Holy Saviour School. Students from grade 4-8 students walked with Joe while chanting “Push for Change”! All students had a chance to hear Joe speak and ask questions about Joe’s life and his passion of raising awareness to end youth homelessness!

On Wednesday, March 8th the Push for Change team will visit St. Edward School.  To prepare for Joe's visit, students had a chance to experience one of the many hardships that face homeless youth. Finding shelter! Students were only given boxes/cardboard and were tasked to make themselves a shelter. They quickly realized how difficult a task this was! The wind blew the boxes around, some boxes were too small to fit in, it wasn’t comfortable and not very warm, there was only enough room for one person and it was really cold out!

SleepOut Challenge
On Friday, Joe stopped in Schreiber at Holy Angels School! Holy Angels and St Martin students sat down with Joe and his team and also heard about Joe’s life of being homeless and how he persevered! Holy Angels plans on having their own Sleep Out challenge on March 30, 2017.  Please stay tuned for more information!


Push for Change at Holy Angels

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