After school Program at St. Hilary Catholic School

After school Program at St. Hilary Catholic School

This week was the Senior’s week at the After School Program at St. Hilary Catholic School and with some new kids, we’ve been doing some ‘get to know you’ activities.

Today the kids worked on a team building activity. The 14 kids were made into two teams and each team was given a package of spaghetti noodles and a bag of mini marshmallows. They had to communicate together to come up with strategies, their task was to build the tallest tower they could make. They learned quickly that the noodles were more brittle than they thought. It also didn’t take them long to come up with the idea of supports. They also discovered that the marshmallows weren’t the easiest to use.

Student working on completing her marshmallow challenge
Rya commented "They should be using meatballs instead of marshmallows."
Students collaborating together

The kids did a great job today and should be proud of their teamwork, perseverance and amazing cleanup skills.

Thanks to Jen Ross for doing a final vacuum while Mrs. Copp took the group to the gym for a fast game of Pylon Power.