Celebration of Excellence & Faith Day

Celebration of Excellence & Faith Day

On October 19, 2018, all staff from Superior North Catholic District School Board (SNCDSB) joined together for a day of celebration and learning. The theme of the system-wide Professional Activity Faith Day was “Living the Beatitudes: Attitudes of Be-ing.”

Trustees, Senior Administration, Principals, Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Custodians, Cleaners and Catholic Education Centre Staff gathered at St. Edward Catholic School in Nipigon. The day began with all staff attending mass officiated by Fr. Henryk Augustynowicz at the Church of the Annunciation in Nipigon. Thank you to the Catholic Women's League for their wonderful welcome and breakfast feast they provided our staff as they arrived.

The staff then returned to St. Edward Catholic School where various workshops were offered throughout the day. These informative breakout sessions were led by SNCDSB staff presenters as well as guest presenters Stephanie Wells and Fr. Hugo Tremblay.

A few of the many breakout sessions offered throughout the day were: Stephanie Wells from Pearson provided in-service for all teachers Grade 1 through Grade 6 on the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ Resource; Fr. Hugo Tremblay focused on the meaning behind different parts of the Mass so that we can pray the Mass more fully and with deeper appreciation; a session on Integrating Indigenous Spirituality and Catholicity was presented by Donna Borg who provided participants with an opportunity to explore Indigenous Spirituality and how it relates to our Catholic Christian Faith; Sr. Stephanie Romiti led Deepening Your Prayer Life, providing pray-ers (beginners and experienced) with different ways to deepen one’s spiritual life through a variety of simple prayer practices; and Brooke Davies provided participants with an understanding of Christian Meditation. The day was truly a day of learning and strengthening of our commitment to Catholic education.

The Board’s 23rd Annual Celebration of Excellence was held during lunch to honour employees for their dedication and years of service to Superior North Catholic District School Board. The MC for the celebration was Rima Mounayer, Superintendent of Education. The Celebration of Excellence began with a welcoming message from our Interim Director of Education, Maria Vasanelli. Ms. Vasanelli reminded all staff of the importance of Catholic education and thanked SNCDSB staff for their contributions and day to day efforts to ensure authentic Catholic education for all and for making a difference in the lives of our students!

Following a delicious meal, staff were recognized and received their pin for 5, 10, 15, 25, 25 and 30 years of service with SNCDSB.

5 Years

  • Gary Bisson, Catholic Education Centre
  • Tracy Bryson, Catholic Education Centre
  • Lena Stahl, Holy Saviour Catholic School
  • Helene Beausejour, Holy Saviour Catholic School
  • Mike Taraborrelli, Holy Saviour Catholic School
  • Melanie Jewiss, St. Brigid Catholic School
  • Krista Harvey, St. Hilary Catholic School
  • Sanja Mihaljevic, St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Shirley Jean, Trustee
5 Years of Service Recipients in October 2018
5 Year Pin Recipients in attendance- Left to Right: Helene Beausejour, Holy Saviour Catholic School, Mike Taraborrelli, Holy Saviour Catholic School; Tracy Bryson, Catholic Education Centre; Melanie Jewiss, St. Brigid; Shirley Jean, St. Hilary School Trustee; Lena Stahl, Catholic Education Centre.

10 Years

  • Jennifer Speziale, Holy Angels Catholic School
  • Jenny Heath, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
  • Sarah Traintinger, St. Edward Catholic School
  • Lan Huynh, St. Edward Catholic School
  • Donna Borg, St. Edward Catholic School
  • Annette Coffey, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School
  • Siobhan Ellsworth, St. Martin Catholic School
10 Year Pin Recipients October 2018
10 Year Pin Recipients in attendance Left to Right: Donna Borg, St. Edward Catholic School; Annette Coffey, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School

15 Years

  • Luciana Costa, Catholic Education Centre
  • Ellie Melanson, Holy Saviour Catholic School
  • Lisa Copp, St. Hilary Catholic School
  • Sarah Kuruliak, St. Martin Catholic School
  • Bobbi-Lin Mercer, St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Loisanne Abraham, St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Jennifer Arsenault, Our Lady of Fatima
15 Year Pin Recipients October 2018
15 Year Pin Recipients in attendnace Left to Right: Ellie Melanson, Holy Saviour; Bobbi-Lin Mercer, St. Joseph; Lisa Copp St. Hilary Catholic School; Jennifer Arseneault, Our Lady of Fatima; Sarah Kuruliak, St. Martin; Luciana Costa, Catholic Education Centre

20 Years

  • Mary Commisso, Holy Angels Catholic School
  • Elizabeth Lines, St. Brigid Catholic School
  • Debbie Redgrift, St. Brigid Catholic School
  • Kathy Koistinen, St. Edward Catholic School
  • Joel Dupuis, St. Edward Catholic School
  • Judy Wawia, Trustee
20 Years of Service Pin Recipients October 2018
20 Year pin recipients in attendance Left to Right: Elizabeth Lines, St. Brigid; Debbie Redgrift, St, Brigid; Kathy Koistinen, St. Edward; Judy Wawia, Vice- Chair Board of Trustees

25 Years

  • Clare Milks, Our Lady of Lourdes
25 Years of Service Recipient October 2018
25 Years of Service Recipient Clare Milks, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School with Trustees McKay, Monks and Jean.

30 Years

  • Jocelyne Moore, Our Lady of Lourdes


  • Bill McKay, Trustee
  • Carol Barnes, Trustee

A special tribute was given to our long-time Trustee Bill McKay who will be retiring on December 1, 2018. A special message was read by Vice-Chair, Trustee Judy Wawia on behalf of the entire Board of Trustees. Bill has been a dedicated trustee for the Superior North Catholic District School Board for about 15 years by visiting St. Joseph and St. Brigid on special occasions, attending conferences to further his learning, participating in board committees, and has shown his strong Catholic faith throughout the years, in particular as a member of the Knights of Columbus. Bill’s expertise and dedication will be truly missed by our Board.

The board would also like to congratulate Trustee Carol Barnes who will also be retiring as Trustee in the new term and thank her for your years of dedication to our Board.

The staff at Superior North Catholic School Board finished the day with a deeper appreciation and understanding of what it means to work in a faith-based system, and are excited to continue to work together and bring their learning back to their classrooms and students!

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."