Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week

Your well-being is essential … we challenge you to try one of the following each day during Children's Mental Health Week.

  • Do something nice for someone 
  • Reframe: if something or someone is difficult, image the situation through a different lens (perhaps that person is struggling) 
  • Learn one new thing about your colleagues (get to know them better) 
  • Smile and see if it creates a ripple effect 
  • Notice 3 good things during the day

Remember self-care 101:

  • Sleep (enough) 
  • Eat (well) 
  • Drink (more water) 
  • Connect (with positive people)

Ontario is Turning Green

Keep an eye ou Ontario is turning green! For Mental Health Week, the Canadian Mental Health Association has a mental health awareness campaign where landmarks will change colour . . . including the CN tower!

1001 Ways to Wonder

A 12-part web-series, 1001 Ways to Wonder, from award-winning Toronto-based documentary filmmaker Bryce Sage will be launched on May 1st. This documentary explores and demystifies the science of mental health. View the trailer on YouTube for 1001 Ways to Wonder.


  • Change the View (CMHO) 
  • May 1, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm 
  • Legislative Assembly of Ontario, room 228-230 
  • Queen’s Park RSVP @