Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

On Monday, October 30th, all classes at St. Martin Catholic School in Terrace Bay, ON learned about Christian Meditation as one way of praying. Students and staff all entered into the experience with openness and eagerness.

If you happen to be at St. Martin Catholic School (or any other school in the Superior North Catholic District School Board) and see a doorknob hanger that says "Time to Pray," you know that they class is taking a few moments to meditate together. Other classes and schools are also learning Christian Meditation - come and join us!

Junior and Senior Kindergarten students learning about Christian Meditation

It's always amazing to me how quickly the students respond and enter into this quiet form of prayer! I often hear students say, "That was great!" or "That felt really good!" after even just a minute of meditation. God is within and this is one more way to stay in touch with our Creator who is closer than we can ever imagine!

Students have some amazing questions! In the Grade 5/6 class, we had a wonderful discussion on how God can be everywhere and in everyone, and still be complete!

Sister Stephanie Romiti