Christmas Message 2016

Christmas Message 2016

Once there was a Rabbi who asked his disciples the following question:

"How do you know when the darkness has been overcome, when the dawn has arrived?"

One of the disciples answered, "When you can look into the distance and tell the difference between a cow and a deer, then you know dawn has arrived.”

“Close," the Rabbi responded, "but not quite."

Another disciple said, "When you can look into the distance and in a far off orchard you can distinguish a peach blossom from an apple blossom, then you know that the darkness has been overcome."

"Not bad," the Rabbi said, “not bad! But the correct answer is slightly different. When you can look on the face of any man or any woman and know immediately that this is God’s child and your brother or sister, then you know that the darkness has been overcome, that the Daystar has appeared."

By our celebration of Christmas, we profess our belief that the Light has come into the world and the darkness cannot overcome it.

By it, we renew our hope in the power of the Prince of Peace to touch our relationships and bless them in his grace.

By it, we pray for the grace to be renewed in love for those with whom we travel the journey of life.

In this way, our celebration embraces the virtues of faith, hope, and love, drawing our lives closer to the mystery of God.

Jesus was born in a cave so that he might be a welcome guest in the homes of our lives.

Jesus was born in the darkness of the night so that the darkness of our sins might be shattered by his presence.

This Christmas, may each and every one of you be blessed richly, and may we rejoice to welcome Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, into the homes of our hearts.

~ a message from Father Sawchuk.