Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

To celebrate Family Literacy day & month and the renovation of the library, Mrs. Elsa Figliomeni challenged the Gr 5-8 students at Holy Angels Catholic School to not judge a book by its cover. Students had to pick a book only reading the back cover, not knowing the title or what it looked like on the cover. Stay tuned to find out - will they like the books they picked? Will this help them expand their reading genres?

student choosing a book

Literacy is something we are always trying to improve and encourage with our students. Our hope is to have students learn to love reading in different ways and to realize that they may limit books that they choose by just looking at the cover.

student choosing a book without seeing cover
students choose a book without knowing what the cover looked like

This challenge will be combined with our Family Literacy Day activity, "Book Tasting" and with the We Read initiative to raise awareness for literacy.

Students participate in Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover challenge
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