Holy Angels School Plastic Bag Challenge

Holy Angels School Plastic Bag Challenge

The staff and students at Holy Angels Catholic School in Schreiber participated in the Plastic Bag Grab Challenge sponsored by Recycling Council of Ontario and Walmart. The students challenged their school to find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic bags.

Since 2016, more than 502,000 students across Canada have taken action to reduce plastic waste in their school communities while collecting more than 52 metric tonnes of single-use plastic bags for recycling. Now in its fourth year, the program continues to focus on reduce and reuse – the most important step in the 3Rs hierarchy. As such, the challenge will reward schools that encourage and promote ideas and solutions that result in reducing how many bags are used and wasted in their communities.

During Earth Week 2019 (April 15 - 26), schools were challenged to learn and take action on plastics waste by reducing their use, while collecting discarded plastic bags (that cannot be reused) for recycling in their schools and beyond. The Plastic Bag Grab challenge is an environmental awareness program that engages schools and students on the 3Rs hierarchy: reduce, reuse, and recycle and can be incorporated into existing curriculum. For more information visit http://www.plasticbaggrab.com/

students making bracelets out of plastic bags

Mrs. Denelle Fischer-Mauro's grade 3/4 class made friendship bracelets using plastic bags and the grade 3/4's and Mrs. Chantal Roy's grade 5/6 class got together to make a mural solely out of all the bags our school collected during the 2-week challenge. Their theme was plastic pollution and Global Warming and the loss of our arctic habitat and how it affects animals such as the polar bear.

mural made solely out of plastic bags the school collected

The bags the school collected will now be brought to Walmart to be recycled into park benches and the school has a chance to win cash prizes for this challenge.

student with some of the plastic bags collected

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