Katie Weatherston visits Holy Saviour Catholic School

Katie Weatherston visits Holy Saviour Catholic School

Former Olympian, Katie Weatherston visited our students in grades 3-8 in Marathon on Monday, March 25th.

Katie Weatherston was a member of the 2006 Olympic Gold Medal Canadian Women's Hockey Team. She is also an Ivy League school graduate, a certified elementary school teacher, and has spoken in close to 600 schools across Canada.

Katie Weatherston talking to students during her visit to school

Her presentation focused on goal setting and overcoming obstacles. Katie shared stories about her own goals, accomplishments and obstacles. She also talked about her mental health struggles after she had a career-ending concussion. 

Students getting an opportunity to look at Katie Weatherston's Medals

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and get a close up look at her Olympic and World Championship gold medals, a World Championship silver medal, the Olympic and World Championship diamond rings, and the 2010 Olympic torch which she carried in her hometown of Thunder Bay, ON.

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