Media Release Assistant Human Resources Manager

Media Release Assistant Human Resources Manager

Mrs. Speziale began her career at SNCDSB in 2016 as a Human Resources/Finance Assistant before taking on her current role of Attendance Officer in which she was responsible for implementing and maintaining the current attendance reporting system. These roles have given her the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Human Resources Manager and they have provided her with the opportunity to continue her learning in all aspects of the Human Resources Department.

Cheryl is focused on continuing her education in Human Resources to ensure that she is current on the knowledge, policy and practices of HR to support all employees within SNCDSB.

Cheryl is looking forward to her new role as Assistant Human Resources Manager within the Superior North Catholic District School Board.

We welcome Cheryl to her new role. She is a valuable part of our team and will continue to support the system through an HR perspective.

Media release for Cheryl Speziale, Assistant Human Resources Manager
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