Mental Health & Wellness Blog: Resilience

Mental Health & Wellness Blog: Resilience

How does someone show resilience?

Your ability to be resilient shines through during difficult times that require you to overcome obstacles, adapt to change and/or face adversity.

“Resilience involves developing thoughts, behaviors, and actions that allow you to recover from traumatic or stressful events in life.”- Positive

Once you have developed positive thoughts, behaviours and actions, your resiliency skills can be used as a protective factor when you are faced with difficult circumstances.

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The 4 Factor Approach to Building Resilience

The 4-factor Approach

  1. Stating the facts.
  2. Placing blame where it belongs.
  3. Reframing.
  4. Giving yourself time.

Try to remember this approach the next time you are faced with an obstacle! For more information, check out

Would you like to start teaching your little one about resilience?

Check out this song!

Characteristics of Resilient Behaviour

  1. Viewing setbacks as impermanent.
  2. Reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth.
  3. Recognizing cognitive distortions as false beliefs.
  4. Managing strong emotions and impulses.
  5. Focusing on events you can control.
  6. Not seeing yourself as a victim.
  7. Committing to all aspects of your life.
  8. Having a positive outlook on the future and developing a growth mindset.

Can you recall a time where you demonstrated any of these? That is being RESILIENT.

Check out this ‘Pete the Cat’ read along to help children understand resilient behaviour!

Over the last few months, SNCDSB students have demonstrated resilience by participating in well-being challenges and finding the positives in our current situation.

Here are some of their submissions:

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