Nibi Water Song

Nibi Water Song

Not so long ago and still today, many women gather by water around the world to sing, dance and share in celebration of Grandmother Moon at her fullest.

The Water song talks about women’s sacred responsibility of taking care of the water and healing our own emotions so that we can help heal Mother Earth and take care of our families and communities in a good way

Nibi means water in the Ojibwe language.

In celebration and reflection of Earth Day, this is the Water song our #SNCDSB students would sing before heading out for the schools' annual water walk to pray for the water.

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."


The Water Song

Brought forth by Mashkoonce Day, Wasaw Wahzhoo Banaise Dodem (Condor Clan)

Performed by Dorene Day, Waubanewquay, Marten Clan
Produced by Stephen Lang