Remembrance Day Window Art

Remembrance Day Window Art

Again this year, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School students participated in the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Drawing contest. The quality of submissions was very impressive and the judges had a difficult time deciding on winners.

As the kids were preparing for the contest, a few students in Mrs. St. Onge’s grade 6 class asked about drawing on the windows in the principal’s office. It was a great idea and special thanks to Ashlyn Echum, Layla Legarde, Celeste Wesley for showing interest in this project and for the great job they did with the “Window Art".

collage of students painting art on windows of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School

The girls received so many positive comments that they decided to run a Christmas Art Contest in the school. Their hope is to have some Christmas window art on every window in the school. It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

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