SNCDSB hosts EdTech Team Canada Virtual Student Summit

SNCDSB hosts EdTech Team Canada Virtual Student Summit

During the week of May 25th to 29th, the Superior North Catholic District School Board offered students in Grades 3 - 8 and their parents a week-long virtual student summit.

The virtual summit, SNCDSB Student Virtual Learning: In a time of uncertainty, we learn best together, began Monday, May 25, and wrapped up on Friday, May 29.

Building on a partnership that has spanned over five years, starting with the first-ever Student Summit, EdTechTeam Canada partnered again with Superior North Catholic DSB to deliver a virtual learning summit. This student summit was created to develop a lineup of learning that fosters collaboration, critical thinking, and communication that will develop digital literacy skills through Google Apps for Education. This virtual opportunity allowed teachers and students to learn together in a fun and creative way.

The event began Monday for all Grades 3 - 8 Students with a one-hour Keynote Speaker Presentation by George Barcenas. George spoke to the students about how we can use technology to learn, grow, and tell OUR STORY! In this time of uncertainty and remote learning, we need tools to bring the magic of what we do on a daily basis and he inspired our students and staff to bring the magic into our virtual classrooms.

Grade 7 student from Holy Angels School taking part in the opening keynote session.

Students had the following to say about their learning from the Keynote:

  • “George’s message made me feel happy, and like it doesn’t matter, what you look like or sound like you can do great things.”
  • “What I have taken from George is that being me is the best thing to be.”
  • “I can be who I want to because there is no one else like me.”
  • “I learned that our story is ours to discover.”
  • “Just be the best you!”
  • “I liked the keynote message. I liked that it was about finding good from bad and growing from there.”
  • “Life can be super difficult. To get through the difficulties, find a solution.”

The Grade 7/8, Grade 5/6, and Grade 3/4 Student Learning Sessions throughout the week focused on providing tools to make learning fun with Tech. The EdTech Team worked with students using Choice Boards, Trivia, Games, Videos to prove learning can be fun when technology is involved. Students from all across SNCDSB joined together using Google Meet for this fun-filled week of technology-rich learning. Students had the following to share about their learning.

  • “My takeaway from this is that it’s going to make my school projects better and I’m super excited to use all the skills I’ve learned!”
  • “I learned there are endless possibilities with technology because it is AWESOME!”
  • “I can make a ‘choose your adventure’ and share my opinions with everyone.”
  • “I can draw my favourite characters and people. Thank you for showing me this.”
  • “I think it might even be pretty hilarious if I put myself in the scenery from history and acted out the parts too!”

On Friday, we joined together one last time for a Celebration of Learning Wrap Up Session for all Grades 3 - 8 Students. The SNCDSB Virtual Summit Finale featured EdTechTeam Canada and some of our own #SNCDSB Superstars. This was an opportunity for the team to highlight some of the great work done by our students throughout the week and a chance for our students to win some fabulous prizes!

This week-long activity engaged both teachers and students as learners using a variety Google platforms that encouraged collaboration and creativity. Students and staff alike discovered new learning. This virtual learning can be incorporated back into their Google Classrooms with students able to demonstrate their learning in a different way.

Abby, a student from St. Hilary Catholic School, engaging in the online learning sessions provided by EdTech Team Canada.
"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."