St. Joseph's Geese Gathering

St. Joseph's Geese Gathering

Students from St. Joseph Catholic School participate in Spring Goose Gathering in Geraldton, ON.

Quite often, as spring approaches, communities gather annually to celebrate this season in a form of Spring/Goose Gatherings. While our schools often are invited to local First Nations, the idea was to provide this opportunity to students in their "very own backyard".

Photo, Cooking Geese
Photo, Cooking Geese
Photo, Evergreen twig in water bowl
Photo, Traditional Teachings

Principal, Pina Luomala, readily supported the idea and during the school's language classes, French as a Second Language and Native Language and Culture students constructed and participated in the event on April 21st and 22nd, 2017.

On the day of the Geese Gathering, with an elder present, teachers and some parents enjoyed the food cooked. This type of event was actually a first for the town of Geraldton!

Photo, Elder preparing the batter
Photo, Preparing the Batter

Along with Superior North Catholic District School Board's support and encouragement of outdoor learning spaces and; to support St. Joseph's Leader in Me idea of outdoor learning spaces, the event also promoted life skills, math, traditional teachings. It also really interesting to see a switch in which students were volunteering and who was at the front and centre of helping.

preparing the firepit
Photo, Fire
preparing the goose
Photo, Preparing the Goose

Students were so grateful and continually thanked Mr. Shebagabow for the opportunity. During the construction stage, a Grade 5 student stated "I am going to gather grass and boughs - that's a woman's role". A student in Grade 3 even asked Mr. Shebagabow if we (St. Joseph's) can host our own Fall Hunt. As the day ended, two students asked Mr. Shebagabow and Miss Pam if they would like to hang out that evening and come back to the "Geese" site.

Thank you to Pamela Hardy, Peter Shebagabow, Devin Ryan and Pina Luomala for sharing this fabulous learning!