STEM and Robotics Club

STEM and Robotics Club

St. Hilary Catholic School and St. Edward Catholic School libraries are full of excited students coding, problem-solving and collaborating during Robotics Club.

The club meets every Friday during the lunch break, after students have finished eating of course. During this time students explore Dash using the Wonder App. The App leads students through an adventure to uncover all the different features and abilities of Dash the robot.

students working with robotics

The Ozobots follow a colour coding system, students create mazes and paths for the teeny tiny robot to follow. Lego WeDo 2.0 and the EV3 Mindstorm kits provide opportunities for students to learn by building and constructing. Students think like engineers as they create a robot that is designed to move by coding the motors and sensors; students integrate mechanical thinking and spatial sense while building. If the design or coding is flawed the robot won’t move. Scratch is an open source web-coding platform that has endless opportunities for students to create stories, animate and learn how to block code.

students coding

While coding and using robotics, students work together to innovatively solve problems, funneling their frustrations into creative innovations. However, during the lunch hour robotics club students are free to explore and attempt to conquer a challenge and just have fun!

students working with ozbots
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