Stress Management Tips

Stress Management Tips

We all have stress. Stress may feel overwhelming sometimes, but there are many strategies that can help you get in control. Stress is the body’s natural defense to a perceived threat.

Not all stress is bad, it can help us focus on a task, or solve a problem.

Stress is when the demands of our situation are greater than the resources to deal with the situation.

How to deal with Stress

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Solve problems as they come up
  3. Talk about your problems
  4. Simplify your life
  5. Learn helpful thinking strategies
  6. Start on the inside
  7. Get active
  8. Do something you enjoy

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Piper is a Pixar short film that highlights the process of learning how setbacks can be discouraging, but if you persevere you can experience success. Watch it with your child.

Journaling provides many benefits to reduce stress. 

Check out this article on the Benefits of Journaling on Stress.

Write about things that impact you and identify your thoughts and feelings related to the events.

You can write about home, schools, friends, or relationships. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling.

Check out for more info on journaling.

Try these easy and fun mental health activities

Blow Painting with a Straw

Items Needed:

  1. Paint (add water to make it watery if thick)
  2. Straw
  3. Paper
  4. droplet


  • Add paint drops to the paper
  • Blow at the paint through the straw
  • Forcing the paint to move along the paper
  • Repeat with more paint

Blow Painting with Straws | Fun Art Techniques for Kids

Glitter Jars

Creating something that can be used during stressful times is both fun and beneficial to our wellbeing! Glitter jars can support children in regulating and refocusing, as well as be a tool to provide a sense of time. Glitter jars can also be used for sensory needs!

We made a step-by-step video of how to make and use your OWN glitter jar!

Check out the ‘Glitter Jar’ song from Esmee and Roy!

One of the best ways to reduce stress is by getting fresh air. When you are feeling overwhelmed sometimes it helps to ground yourself. Try going for a Mindfulness Walk. This means you aren’t worrying about all the stressors in life, but you are focused on what is around you in the moment.

  • What do you see around you that you may not have noticed before? What colours pop out and what is blending in?
  • What smells do you notice? Is it good or bad? Where is it coming from?
  • What sounds are around? Pay attention to the animals, engines and even your footsteps.
  • Unless you’re walking in a garden, you may not see something to taste. Just imagine how something would taste or picture your favorite snack.
  • What textures can you feel? Maybe something is smooth or rough.
Mindfulness Walk ideas

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