Summer Learning Program 2020 Highlights

Summer Learning Program 2020 Highlights

The Superior North Catholic District School Board was pleased to offer its very first virtual Summer Learning Program to students across the Board! We had 12 students enrolled in our Kindergarten to Grade 5 classroom and 4 students enrolled in our Grade 6 to 8 class.

Google Classroom and Google Meet were used as the online learning platform.

The focus of the program was literacy and numeracy with opportunities to participate in a variety of experiential online learning activities to keep students actively involved. Students engaged in STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Zumba with Andrea, Boot camp with Kim and drawing lessons with Rebekah!

Photo of drawing lessons with Rebekah
Drawing Lessons with Rebekah Merrifield

Students and Summer Learning Staff also learned how to make three kinds of healthy overnight oats as demonstrated LIVE to them by Mr. Hart! 

Sumer Learning Program students making oats

Students were encouraged to continue their love of learning during the summer even following the end of the program as all families were gifted with “Math in the Cards'' and two decks of cards so they could continue to make math practice fun. Students were also encouraged to visit the SNCDSB Learning from home resources available on our board website. As we continue to support student mental health during Covid 19, parents and guardians may also want to click on the following websites for additional information and support - School Mental Health Ontario and the Canadian Mental Health Association

Mrs. Kaur’s Grade 6 to 8 Class

One of the literacy activities was writing a storybook with the program “Story jumper.” Students had created stories by using their thoughts and writing skills. We have saved the e-copies and shared with parents to show the creativity of their children. 

How I built my bird house
student with bird house made during summer learning program

Students also participated in many fun science experiments. One of them was the reaction of baking soda and vinegar to inflate a balloon. By mixing just simple household stuff we conducted a science experiment to learn the concept of energy and formations of products by using reactants. 

Science Experiments for Summer Learning Program
For adding values students did the activity named “Show Gratitude” and played Scavenger Hunt too. Students were asked to show gratitude towards everything God has given us. In the Scavenger Hunt, they were asked to bring different stuff and family members who are very important to them.

Mr. Hart’s Summer Learning Program Primary/Junior:

One of the activities the Summer Learning Program group did was building birdhouses. To accompany the activity, they were provided Epic Reading links to books about birds to help the students make connections between the activity and the birds that might use the houses the students made.

Junior Students sharing their birdhouses made during summer learning program

Fridays were about fun science activities and lessons. Here, the students were asked to make 3 paper columns in 3 different shapes and see which column shape could hold the most weight.

Science Experiments for Summer Learning Program

The entire Summer Learning Program group participated in a Zumba session to get some fun physical activity. The students that participated really enjoyed the activity and were excited to partake again the next week.

zumba online

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Summer Learning Program! Stay happy, stay safe, and stay healthy! 

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."