Traditional Skirt Teachings at St. Brigid School

Traditional Skirt Teachings at St. Brigid School

Teachings of the Skirt/Dress

Photo, St. Brigid Student with her skirt
There are many teachings and reasons for a traditional skirt as such.
  • It is traditional belief that every individual born, is born with colours. These colours could represent their spirit name, clan, helper, strength’s that they carry or a representation of their purpose in life.
  • Women wore their colours on skirts for a few reasons. The skirt shares similar teachings to teaching of the Tipi. As we prepare for prayers, our jobs or ceremonies, each time we put on our skirt, we are reminded of the roles of women. We are reminded of how to honour and protect ourselves, how to carry ourselves and of where their support lie.

Superior North Catholic District School Board, Student and Community Engagement Leads partnered with St. Brigid Principal, Joanne Hoffman to incorporate math lessons into a sewing lesson.

Photo, Student Notes — planning the skirt

These young ladies were so excited to begin sewing and will show off their finished products during Experience Superior North, May 14-19, 2017.

Photo, Students Sewing

Sweet Mandy said “I feel like a little Granny". “When I am older, I am going to sew with all my kids”.