What is Family Literacy Day?

What is Family Literacy Day?

Family Literacy Day is an awareness day in Canada that focuses on the role of parents in improving the reading as well as writing skills of their family members.

When and why did it start? Why is it important?

Family Literacy Day commenced in 1999. The initiative was started by ABC Life Literacy Canada, a non-profit literacy organization. The Family Literacy Day is held every year on 27th January. The initiative was started to raise awareness on the importance of engaging in literacy activities on a family level. The initiative encourages parents to read, write and engage in any other literacy-related activities with their children to boost child development and literacy skills dramatically.

The initiative also offers parents benefits i.e. it helps them improve their literacy skills as well. Parents are also able to create a stronger bond with their children and the entire family.

The initiative encourages Canadian parents to spend 15 minutes or more a day engaging in literacy activities.

The current Honourary Chair of the Family Literacy Day is Barbara Reid, an award-winning Canadian author and illustrator

What are some fun things families can engage in together each day to promote literacy?

1. Reading bedtime stories.

This is by far the easiest and most effective fun things to do as a family to boost literacy. As a parent, you should make a point of gathering your kids together before bedtime and reading them a bedtime story. You can take turns reading to make the activity more effective in boosting literacy

2. Have alphabet hunts.

You can also engage your kids in an alphabet hunt i.e. looking for things around you that start with a certain letter of the alphabet. Alphabet hunts are very effective for enriching your kids’ vocabulary.

3. Set up a home library.

A home library is a great idea when you want to boost family literacy. You can use an empty space or spare room to collect books for your kids to read. Home libraries are great for encouraging a reading culture.

4. Play board games.

Playing board games like Scrabble with your kids is another effective way of boosting family literacy. As you sharpen your own vocabulary, your kids will also have an opportunity to learn new words and have fun.

5. Create a word wall.

You can also create a word wall where you and your kids write a new word every day. A word wall is a great way of encouraging each and every family member to go out of their way to learn new words.

6. Create a ''how was your day'' Journal.

You can also create a culture of writing and exchanging notes with your kids on daily activities. Such a journal is great for boosting your kids writing skills on a daily basis.

7. Sing chat.

You can also engage in sing chatting with your kids i.e. signing conversations to favourite songs. You can make it interesting by giving bonus points for rhymes.

These are just some fun ways you can consider adapting to your daily routine as a family to boost literacy. There are obviously many other fun activities you can engage in to boost family literacy so let your imagination run wild.