Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation

What is Zones of Regulation?

Zones of Regulation is used to teach children how to self-regulate/control their emotions.

Each zone is categorized into four colour zones and each zone represents a group of feelings. This helps children and parents recognize and communicate how they are feeling in a safe manner.

By supporting children in understanding how to categorize their emotions, we can ensure the opportunity for healthy and effective coping strategies while establishing good communication!

Check out the Zones of Regulation website for information, activities, and resources.

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JK-Grade 3

It is important to let children know that it is okay to experience all the zones. The Red and Yellow Zones are not “bad” or “ naughty” zones. Do not tell children that one zone is good and another is bad. Instead, you can teach them coping skills to manage their behaviours.

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Using Zones at Home

Start by discussing feelings, emotions, and moods: happy, sad, angry, or silly. Create a Zones poster with your child and hang it up so they can view it. Have your child identify which emotions they are feeling according to the zones.

Read books to teach children how to recognize zones in others.

Some book suggestions are; The way I feel by Janan Cain, Today I feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis , If You’re Angry and you Know it by Cecily Kaiser

Here is a fun Zones Bingo game for the kids!

Junior (4-6)

The zones are categorized by colours and a group of emotions as follows:

Zones categorized by colours and groups of emotions

Coping skills are tools we can use when we’re in these different zones. Ideally, we want to aim for the Green zone but coping skills are used to tolerate and manage different emotions. If we are able to recognize what zone we’re in, we can pick appropriate coping strategies.

Try these activities:

Image of Coping Tools Checklist

Intermediate (Grades 7-8)

The Zones of Regulation curriculum is designed to support students of all ages!

Each colour represents a different “state of alertness” which can help us navigate which coping strategies to use.

Image with zones "state of alertness"

Consider some things you find helpful when you are feeling blue, green, yellow or red. These are your regulation tools and ways of coping.

Make your own toolbox! What kinds of things will you put inside?


Use ZONES language at home. When feeling an emotion in a particular category, describe it as the colour as well.

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