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Renewing the Promise - A Pastoral Letter

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Christian Meditation

On Monday, October 30th, all classes at St. Martin Catholic School in Terrace Bay, ON learned about Christian Meditation as one way of praying. Students and staff all entered into the experience with openness and eagerness.

If you happen to be at St. Martin Catholic School (or any other school in the Superior North Catholic District School Board) and see a doorknob hanger that says "Time to Pray," you know that they class is taking a few moments to meditate together. Other classes and schools are also learning Christian Meditation - come and join us!

Junior and Senior Kindergarten students learning about Christian Meditation

It's always amazing to me how quickly the students respond and enter into this quiet form of prayer! I often hear students say, "That was great!" or "That felt really good!" after even just a minute of meditation. God is within and this is one more way to stay in touch with our Creator who is closer than we can ever imagine!

Students have some amazing questions! In the Grade 5/6 class, we had a wonderful discussion on how God can be everywhere and in everyone, and still be complete!

Sister Stephanie Romiti

Celebrating our School Feasts

Celebrating our School Feasts

Each of our schools is distinctively named in honour of one of our many saints or using one of the titles in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary or Our Lord.

Our School Feast Days are great opportunities to remember who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going in Christ and through the Holy Spirit.

Holy Angels: October 2

Holy Saviour: There is no formal Feast of the Holy Saviour in the church calendar, but a good alternative would be the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday in Ordinary Time, which falls this year on November 26.

Our Lady of Fatima: May 13

Our Lady of Lourdes: February 11 (Also World Day of Prayer for the Sick)

Saint Brigid: February 1

St. Edward (the Confessor): October 13

St. Hilary: January 13

St. Joseph: March 19

St. Martin of Tours: November 11 (Also Remembrance Day)


Catholic Virtues "Caught in the Act"

Holy Angels School Catholic Virtues Caught in the Act

Although respect is the virtue for the month for September, this Grade 2 student, is "Caught in the Act" of helping his classmate tie his shoes!

At Holy Angels, we celebrate getting "Caught in the Act" - demonstrating any of the virtues regardless of the monthly focus.

Holy Angels Catholic School's hope is to empower our students to be leaders ... to be stewards of Christ.

One kind gesture could be such a big deal! This act of kindness shows compassion and empathy for others.  A kind gesture such as this helps the students build relationships and trust with each other and ensures a positive start to the morning. Helping each other also helps build confidence and leadership in our students.

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things". Saint Mother Teresa
Student helping another student tie his shoes.

Graduation 2017

Congratulations to all Superior North Catholic District School Board Grade 8 Graduates!

On behalf of Superior North Catholic District School Board Trustees and Staff we wish you all the best in your future endeavours! We are so proud of the Catholic leaders you have become!

Pictured below is the Holy Angels Catholic School Graduating Class of 2017. On the left is Kim Figliomeni, principal of Holy Angels, Grade 8 Teacher, Rob Fenton and on the right is Father Sawchuk.  

Photo Pictured Above is the graduating class of Holy Saviour Catholic School with Principal is Terri Harmer. Holy Saviour grade 8 teacher is Kayla Greco.

Pictured Below is a St. Brigid Catholic School Graduate of 2017. Joanne Hoffman is the principal of our Nakina school and Ben Jewiss is the grade 8 teacher.

Graduation photos
Pictured Above: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School Graduates from Manitouwadge with teacher Karly Baker. Principal - Daniel Stargratt
Saint Edward Catholic School Graduation 2017
Photo, St. Edward Catholic School Graduates. Peter Kutok is the principal and teacher Nina Merritt.
Saint Hilary Graduation 2017

Photo, St. Hilary Catholic School Graduates. BJ Mercier, Principal and Teacher Joane Ryan.

Pictured Above is St. Joseph School in Geraldton. The Principal of St. Joseph Catholic School is Pina Luomala and Teacher is Bobbi Mercer.


Catholic Graduate Expectations
Graphic, Catholic Graduate Expectations

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