Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC)

What is the Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC)?

In 2014, through the Ontario First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework Implementation Plan, the Ministry of Education indicated that all school boards would establish formalized processes, such as establishing IEACs to support local implementation of the framework. IEAC would provide guidance to school boards and schools in building stronger relationships with their communities, sharing information, identifying promising practices, and enhancing collaborative work to support First Nation, Métis, and Inuit student achievement and well-being.

SNCDSB IEAC's Focus is to:

  • Increase ALL student and staff awareness, knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture, history, contributions and perspectives.
  • Build and strengthen meaningful partnerships between SNCDSB and our Indigenous communities and organizations.
  • Improve academic outcomes and wellbeing for SNCDSB Indigenous students.
  • Educate and promote Indigenous Self-Identification.

How Many Times does the IEAC Meet?

The IEAC Committee meets at least four times every school year. Committee members can attend meetings either in person or via teleconference or Zoom.

Who Can Join?

Parents or guardians of students who self-identify as First Nation, Métis or Inuit. First Nations, Métis or Inuit community partners and community members.

Who Are the Current Members?

  • Judy Wawia, Chair
    Red Rock Indian Band
  • Victor Chapis
    Ginoogaming First Nation
  • Sheri Taylor
    Ginoogaming First Nation
  • Maurice Waboose
    Ginoogaming First Nation
  • Susan Baril
    Flying Post First Nation
  • Valerie Auger
    Pays Plat First Nation
  • Brandy Brake-Weldon
    Dilico - Manager & Parent
  • Wendy Houston
    Métis Nation of Ontario
  • Skylene Metatawabin
    Matawa Education
  • Shirley Jean
    Trustee SNCDSB
  • Cheryle Maruno
    Trustee SNCDSB
  • Patti Pella
    Ministry of Education
  • Maria Vasanelli
    Director SNCDSB
  • Paul Tsekouras                        
    Superintendent - SNCDSB
  • Colleen Sheriff
    Indigenous Education Lead SNCDSB
  • Elizabeth Michano
    Native Language Teacher
  • Ashley Muir
    Native Language Teacher
  • Principal Representative & Teacher Representative based on meeting location

Where are the meetings?

Meeting locations rotate and are held either at St Edward School, Pays Plat First Nation, Lake Helen or in Ginoogaming First Nation.

All meetings are open to the public and we encourage all of our community members to attend.

Indigenous Education Advisory Committee Contacts

Paul Tsekouras Superintendent of Education at Catholic Education Centre in Terrace Bay Ontario
Paul Tsekouras Superintendent of Education Catholic Education Centre Terrace Bay, ON
Colleen Sheriff Indigenous Education Lead at Catholic Education Centre in Red Rock Ontario
Colleen Sheriff Indigenous Education Lead Catholic Education Centre Red Rock, ON