Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

The Strategic Plan is also available as a PDF.

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Message from the Chair & Director

We are thrilled to share with you Destination: Renewal our Strategic Plan for 2015-2018.

Our Strategic Plan acts as a roadmap that will be the basis from which we make informed decisions about student and educator learning for the next three years.

Destination: Renewal is a shared vision:

The Renewals, Goals, and Priorities are the result of a comprehensive consultation process. Thanks to the groups and individuals who shared their thoughts, experiences, and expertise. We are forever grateful for your dedication to providing our students with a quality Catholic education.

Over the next three years, we will continue to grow as individuals, as schools, and as a system. Destination: Renewal is our design and direction for that growth. We look forward to continuing on this journey with you.

Together We Educate Heart, Mind, and Soul.

School Board Mission

To ensure an authentic Catholic education for all with a commitment to gospel values in a culture of leading and learning through:

  • Inquiry - Ask positively powerful questions.
  • Illumination - Bring out the best of people and situations.
  • Inclusion - Engage with people to co-author the future.
  • Inspiration - Awaken the creative spirit.
  • Integrity - Make choices for the good of the whole.

(Credit for the five "I's" listed above comes from the book, Appreciative Leadership: Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization by Diana Whitney)

“Among us, who is above must be in service of the others. This doesn’t mean we have to wash each other’s feet every day, but we must help one another.” ~ Pope Francis

Pillars of Renewal

  • Renewal 1: Nurturing a Distinct Catholic Identity
  • Renewal 2: Achieving Excellence
  • Renewal 3: Leadership for Learning Excellence
  • Renewal 4: Governance and Policy Excellence
  • Renewal 5: Operational and Fiscal Excellence

Renewal 1 Nurturing a Distinct Catholic Identity

Our Goal

  • to ensure the Catholic culture of the school system

Our priorities

  • provide ongoing adult faith formation that is reflected in our daily work
  • strengthen relationships between and among the home, school, Catholic Church (Parish Priest) and community partners
  • celebrate and communicate accomplishments and successes
  • continue to build a Christ-centered learning environment
  • build and strengthen a culture of collaboration
  • ensure implementation of FMNI policies and framework
  • engage students and staff in system renewal through active participation in which their “voices are heard.”
“Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu
“What you can do, we cannot do, and what we can do, you cannot do, but together we can do something beautiful.” ~ Mother Teresa

Renewal 2 Achieving Excellence 

Our Goal

  • to create and sustain a school environment in which students grow and deepen their faith, enhance personal well-being, achieve academic excellence, celebrate success, and experience a sense of hope and optimism throughout the learning journey

Our Priorities

  • develop a collaborative process to monitor and measure Board and School Improvement Plans
  • integrate Catholic resources into all curriculum areas
  • ensure opportunities for all staff to develop a greater sensitivity for students with special needs through the use of differentiated instruction and universal design
  • increase parental engagement in the learning process
  • provide strategically and monitored professional development opportunities for all staff
  • engage in creative innovative and collaborative practices to provide rich, rewarding and relevant learning experiences for First Nation, Inuit and Metis students, and respect for cultural diversity.
“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.ˮ John Dewey

Renewal 3: Leadership for Learning Excellence

Our Goals

  • to transform school culture to improve student achievement and well-being
  • to ensure the ongoing provision of exemplary service to schools from central office support staff 
  • to ensure continued exemplary system leadership through strategic leadership development and succession planning initiatives

Our priorities

  • create Catholic communities of faith at Board, school, and classroom levels
  • create cultural conditions for change, growth and relationship building
  • value the voice of teachers and others, including students in the education process
  • establish a shared understanding of and commitment to an organizational vision
  • strive for reciprocal and respectful communication
  • establish, promote and support a culture of professional learning
  • establish aligned conditions of cohesion, coherence, and congruence to support the achievement of system strategic priorities
  • build professional capital at all levels of the system
  • incorporate “theories of action” to drive change and take practice to scale
  • value and incorporate growth-oriented processes and feedback as a regular practice

Renewal 4: Governance and Policy Excellence

Our Goal

  • to develop effective governance structures to monitor Board policies and practices that ensure the school system is efficient, effective, marked by principles of Catholic social justice and dedicated to increasing student achievement and well-being

Our Priorities

  • ensure Board governance and administrative structures are highly efficient, cost-effective and reflective of current research, successful practice and Catholic church teachings
  • plan and implement a process for the ongoing and cyclical review of Board policy
  • ensure Board policy is applied fairly and equitably at Board and school levels
  • monitor the implementation of the Board’s Strategic Plan, Destination: Renewal (Integrity, Inclusion, Inquiry, Illumination, and Inspiration)
  • monitor Board expectations regarding the nature and culture of a school system dedicated to on-going and sustained renewal and continuous improvement

Renewal 5: Operational and Fiscal Excellence

Our Goal

  • to ensure the efficient and cost effective operation of the school system through a planned, coordinated, systematic and leader-driven approach

Our Priorities

  • take appropriate action to actualize plans through strategic resource alignment
  • use Board resources efficiently and effectively with consideration for the environment
  • engage processes that ensure a higher community use of schools, and update central office management systems that embrace the use of new technology
  • deploy resources (human, financial, professional) in a fair and equitable manner to all schools in order to support and improve student achievement and well-being and align the central office organizational structure to help ensure that this ideal becomes a practical reality.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of Destination: Renewal.

We value your expertise and experience.

Thank you to our educators from all our schools:

  • Kim Figliomeni
  • Terri Harmer
  • Dean Burke
  • Joanne Hoffman
  • Cathy Drapeau
  • Cheryl Marino (retired principal)
  • Peter Kutok
  • B. J. Roman-Mercier
  • Pina Luomala
  • Kerry Desjardins

Thank you to the Trustees:

  • Hugh McCorry - Chair 
  • Judy Wawia - Vice Chair 
  • Amanda Monks
  • Bill McKay
  • Carol Barnes
  • Lawrence McParland
  • Lilliana McPherson
  • Marline Ilijow
  • Shirley Jean

Thank you to the Supervisory Officers, the Catholic Education Centre Staff, and most specifically Kevin Debnam, our organizational consultant from Spirit/Esprit Enterprises.