Health and Safety

Catholic values of care, compassion and respect should be evident in the behaviour of all staff who strive to establish a safe, welcoming work environment. Each staff member brings unique skills, knowledge, and perspectives to his/her role, which must include effective health and safety values. The benefits of pro-active health and safety are our primary consideration while striving to achieve the goals set forth in the mission statement.

Occupational Health and Safety is a priority and it is anticipated that all staff and students will play an active role in creating safe working environments. Staff will be vigilant in their expectations of safe behaviours and will cooperate with the site Health and Safety representative. The following is expected:

  • The promotion and protection of Occupational Health and Safety for all employees, students, and members of the public who use Board facilities.
  • The provisions of a safe environment will be upheld and actively promoted by all employees and trustees of the Board.
  • All partners (i.e.: teachers, support staff, students, parents, government units, agencies and ratepayers) will join in playing active roles in the creation of safe working environments.

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