Meeting Dates for Staff and Trustees 2017-2018

    Last Updated: August 2017

    School Staff Meetings

      • September 19th
      • October 17th
      • November 21st
      • December 12th
      • January 23rd
      • February 20th
      • March 20th
      • April 24th
      • May 22nd
      • June 13th

    Principal's Meetings

      (Principals, and Senior Team)

      • August 29th - 30th, Nor’wester Hotel
      • December 14th - 15th - Thunder Bay
      • February 5th - 7th - Terrace Bay 
      • April 16th - 17th - Thunder Bay
      • June 11th - 12th - Terrace Bay 

    School Board Meetings

      Board Meetings (Trustees & Executive Council)/OCSTA Conferences (Trustees and Director of Education)/CCSTA Conferences (Trustees and Director of Education)

      • October 16th, Red Rock
      • November 6th, Terrace Bay
      • December 11th, Terrace Bay
      • January 8th, Terrace Bay
      • February 5th, Terrace Bay
      • March 5th, Terrace Bay 
      • April 9th, Manitouwadge
      • May 14th, Nakina
      • June 4th, Terrace Bay

    Teacher Performance Appraisals / Principal Growth Plans

      • September 22nd,  Teacher Annual Learning Plan (ALP) Due to Office
      • September 22nd, Principal Annual Growth Plan
      • September 28th, Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) Notification
      • December 13th, NTIP (New Teacher Induction Program) Summative One Due
      • April 30th, NTIP (New Teacher Induction Program) Summative Two Due 
      • May 31st, Experienced Teacher Summative Due

    IEP Due Dates

      • September 28th, IPRC, Case Conference for IEP sharing and parent input 
      • October 17th, IEP Completion and Sent Home 
      • February 23rd Term Two IEP Update and sent home 
      • June 29th Update following Transition Meeting and File in OSR

    Reporting Dates

      • October 23rd, Progress Reports Due to Principal
      • October 30th, Progress Reports Sent Home
      • November 6-9th, Student-Led Conferences
      • February 6th, Term 1 Report Cards Due to Principals
      • February 13th Term 1 Report Card sent home 
      • February 14 - 15th, Student Led Conferences 
      • June 15th, Report Cards Due
      • June 27th, Term 2 Report Card Sent Home 
      • June 28 - 29th - Teacher-Student Conferences for Goal Setting

    Professional Activity (PA) Days

      • September 5th, Health & Safety, BIPSA, SIPSA
      • September 29th, System Wide Numeracy in Action
      • October 27th, System Wide Indigenous Education
      • November 24th, Wellness and Learning for All
      • February 2nd, Reporting Day 
      • April 27th, Faith Day 
      • June 8th, Reporting Day

    Ontario School Information System (OnSIS) Reporting Dates

      • October 31 reporting (due December 31st)
      • March 31st reporting (due May 31st) 
      • June 30th reporting (due September 30th) 
      • Suspensions and expulsions (due September 30th) 
      • Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) reporting (due September 30th)

    SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) Meeting Dates

      • September 7th
      • October 3rd
      • November 7th
      • December 5th
      • January 9th
      • February 6th
      • March 6th
      • April 3rd
      • May 1st
      • June 5th

    Other Important Dates

      • September 30th, Diocesan Conference
      • September 30th, Orange Shirt Day for Residential School Survivors
      • October 5th, World Teacher's Day
      • October 24th, Dress Purple Day, Child Abuse Prevention Month
      • November 6th - 12th, Treaty Week/Media Literacy Week
      • November 11th Remembrance Day
      • November 14th-15th, ICE Catholic Education Symposium
      • November 16th, Louis Riel Day
      • November 20th - 26th, Bully Prevention Week
      • December 3rd, First Sunday of Advent
      • January 24 - 26th,  CEO/CFO (Director of Education)
      • January 27th, Family Literacy Day
      • February 14th, Ash Wednesday
      • February 28th, Pink Shirt Day
      • March 13th - 17th, March Break
      • April 6th, World Physical Activity Day
      • April 18th - 20th, OCSOA (Alexa, Kerry, Rima)
      • April 26 - 28th, Trustee's AGM (Director of Education, Trustees)
      • May 6th - 11th, Catholic Education Week/Mental Health Week
      • May 10th, World Catholic Education Day
      • May 14th - 18th,  Experience Superior North
      • June 2nd, 3rd Anniversary of TRC
      • June 7th - 9th, CCSTA AGM (Director of Education, Trustees)
      • June 21st, National Indigenous People's Day