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History of Catholic Schools in Ontario

The History of Catholic Schools in Ontario (PDF) dates back to the early 19th century. At the time, no one envisioned there would be a system of free schools publicly funded for a tiny Catholic population.

Fast forward two centuries later, we have legal and philosophical foundations which paved the way for the creation of denominational schools for all children and the Catholic schools have all kinds of committees catering for the needs of all children, from children with special needs to Indigenous learners. Parents have also been accommodated through Catholic Parent Involvement Committees.


Superior North Catholic District School Board focuses on offering christian inspired educational experiences that boost academic excellence while nurturing students to become people of integrity for a lifetime.

As a parent in today’s society, you are constantly bombarded with responsibilities at work and at home. There's nothing as important as knowing your child is learning in an environment that shares your desires for your child as a parent i.e. their happiness and well-being.

One of the most crucial decisions any parent makes for their child revolves around education. As a parent, you can choose an education path for your child that focuses on academic excellence, athletics or extracurricular opportunities or a path that focuses all of those things including who your child becomes i.e. their values and character.

An educational institution that is immersed and motivated by Christian values is uniquely positioned to meet this crucial but commonly overlooked objective.

We focus on educating children to:

  • Contribute towards making the world better: We provide an educational environment that promotes traditional Christian values centred on everyone making their own positive contribution in an effort to make the community and the world better.
  • Handle life’s pressures: We also equip students with traditional Christian values of prayer, faith, and contemplation which lay a solid foundation for maintaining a healthy mental and emotional life.
  • Be responsible: The traditional Christian values we teach encourage students to develop a very strong sense of personal responsibility when pursuing excellence in education as well as their future careers and in relationships.
  • Be accountable: Responsibility results in accountability; a very crucial life skill. We encourage students to be accountable for their actions.
  • Have a strong sense of community: The Christian values of patience, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, that we teach students, provide a strong foundation for the formation of solid relationships, crucial in the real world in times of struggles and tragedies.

Our Mission

To provide authentic Catholic education with a commitment to gospel values in a culture of leading and learning through Destination Renewal.

Our mission is guided by the following:

  • Inquiry
  • Illumination
  • Inclusion
  • Inspiration
  • Integrity

Our Strategic Plan (2015-2018)

We have a strategic plan for 2015-2018 guiding the decisions we have been making and continue to make about students, as well as, our learning as educators. See Destination: Renewal which discusses our plan in detail.

We have 5 pillars of renewal in our strategic plan with each pillar having its own goal and priorities.

In our strategic plan, we want to:

1. Nurture a distinct Catholic identity

2. Help students achieve excellence in academics as well as other areas of life i.e. well-being

3. Offer leadership that promotes learning excellence

4. Develop effective school governance policies and structures

5. Ensure the school system runs efficiently and cost-effectively

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Chair of the Board of Trustees

Judy Wawia Chair of the Board of Trustees at Catholic Education Centre in Terrace Bay Ontario
Judy Wawia Chair of the Board of Trustees Catholic Education Centre Terrace Bay, ON

Director of Education

Maria Vasanelli Director of Education at Catholic Education Centre in Terrace Bay Ontario
Maria Vasanelli Director of Education Catholic Education Centre Terrace Bay, ON