Marline Ilijow

Marline Ilijow, the trustee for St. Edward School in Nipigon, was born in Toronto.

She moved to Nipigon with her parents in 1954. Marline married her husband in 1956 and together they have two children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Before retiring in 1999, Marline worked for Brompton Lands for 36 years.

Marline has shown time and time again that she is committed to the community of Nipigon. She has been the president of Nipigon Minor Hockey, and she has volunteered for the Nip-Rock Rangers and Nipigon Figure Skating Club.

At present, Marline is involved with the Cemetery Board and Nipigon Food Bank. She is faithful to her Church and recently became a Eucharistic Minister.


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