Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin is the Principal at Our Lady of Fatima in Longlac, Ontario. 

He has a varied career including almost 20 years working in private industry in Forest Management Planning and 10 years as a Science and Math teacher in high school. When he is not working, Tim spends much of his time volunteering in the community. He has a long history with Longlac Minor Hockey, the Kenogamisis Golf Club, Longlac Summerfest, and the Moosecalac Winter Carnival and several other community groups.

Favourite Quote

If everybody does a little bit, nobody has to do a lot.

Bachelor of Science in Forestry
Bachelor of Education

Favourite Sports/Activities:
Hockey, Golf, Fishing, Swimming, Camping and time with his wife, son, and dog Charlie

Favourite Book/s:
The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley
Trinity by Leon Uris
What the Dog Saw and Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

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