Learning for All (Special Education) in Ontario

The Learning for All, Kindergarten to Grade 12 process is designed to help raise the bar and close the gap in achievement for all students. This guide supports the three core priorities for education in Ontario:

  • High levels of student achievement
  • Reduced gaps in student achievement
  • Increased public confidence in publicly funded education

Committee Members and Contact Phone Numbers

Special Education Documents for Our Board

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Students with Special Education Needs

Students with special education needs are all students reported by boards as receiving special education programs and/or services, including:

  • Students who have been identified as exceptional (Categories of exceptionalities include Physical, Multiple, Intellectual, Communication and Behaviour) by an Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC); required to have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) within 30 days or placement,
  • Students who have not been identified by an IPRC but require an IEP, and,
  • Students who are receiving special education programs and/or services even though they may not yet have an IEP.

Learning for All Programs and Services

Learning for All programs are defined as educational programs that are based on, and modified by, the results of continuous assessment and evaluation and includes a plan containing specific goals and an outline of educational services that meets the needs of all students.

Learning for All services are defined as facilities and resources, including support personnel and equipment, necessary for developing and implementing a special education program.


Learning for All is specially designed to provide for the needs of all students in Ontario. The program is well structured and guided by regulation. The program also has the full support of the Ontario government through the Ministry of Education.

Ministry of Education Documents

Furthermore, the ministry publishes resource and policy documents to allow school boards, teachers, support staff, students, and parents, to be informed and involved.

Special Education Reports

Applied Behavioural Analysis Strategies

Superior North Catholic District School Board continues to move forward with the use of Applied Behavioural Analysis strategies to support students with Autism and behavioural needs. Training in Applied Behavioural Analysis is ongoing, and school teams and students are supported through the behaviour specialist and collaboration with Child and Community Care Resources.

Our board also has a Special Education Advisory Committee which provides specific information, advice, and assistance to parents and guardians whose children may require additional support.