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Our Mission

To ensure authentic Catholic education to all through a commitment to gospel values, active partnerships and the celebration of excellence.

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School Day Schedule

Morning Bell:  8:50am 
We are asking that students arrive at school as close to 8:50am as possible.
Recess: Staggered Times     
Staggered Lunch Times as of September 11, 2020.

JK/SK 12:05pm - 12:55pm
Grade 1/2 11:40am - 12:30pm
Grade 3/4 12:05pm - 12:55pm
Grade 5/6 11:40am - 12:30pm
Grade 7/8 12:05pm-12:55pm

Dismissal: 3:10pm

Reporting your child's absence from School:
Please call 876-2213 to report an absence by 9am the day of the absence.

School Allergy List

All Peanut Products (examples are peanut butter or peanut oil or peanuts etc.),
Fish (examples are salmon or tuna or halibut and many more),
Fish-Food for School Aquariums,
Tree Nuts (examples are almonds or coconuts or pine nuts or pecans and many more),
Crustacean Shellfish (examples are lobsters or crabs or crawfish or prawns or shrimp),
Mollusk Shellfish (examples include octopus or squids or abalones or clams or mussels or oysters or scallops etc.)

We have children in some of our schools with life-threatening allergies. Please check this list and remember it can change with the addition of new students.

Some children can have mild to severe allergic reactions. Consider ingredients used in home-cooked items; for example, did you use peanut oil in a recipe?

Report any missing allergy information for your school through our contact form; please let us know the name of the school.


Mental Health and Well-BeingAcademic ExcellenceFrench Language and CultureLearning for All


 Technology-Enabled Learning and Teaching, Catholic Education, Virtue of the Month, National Student Leadership Conference, Restorative Practices, Sacrament Preparation

Extracurricular Activities

Choir, Christmas Concert, First Nations' Cultural Activities, Archery coming soon

Extracurricular Sports

Grade 4-8 Sports include: basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, track and field, soccer, cross country, and baseball

School Spirit and Slogan: We are known as The Falcons and our new slogan is "Flying Higher - Together".

Community Job Positions

We are hiring lunch room supervisors. Please call our school's Administrative Assistant, Lucille Lafontaine at 876-2213.

Community Volunteer Positions

Library support and parent reading partners Please call our school's Administrative Assistant, Lucille Lafontaine at 876-2213 for more information.

Is there a breakfast program?


We operate a student-led breakfast program on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We also have a fresh fruit and snack program that is "self-serve" at the office all day long.

Does Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School have in-school child care?


The Municipality of Greenstone operates the Friends of the North Day Care on-site.

After School Program at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School

Interested in joining our School?

Call 876-2213 and our school's Administrative Assistant, Lucille Lafontaine, will make an appointment for you to tour our school with your child.

Explore the School Registration Information.

Junior Kindergarten Registration and Open House

Visit us on from to learn about our school.

School Spirit

school logo

School Mascot: Falcon

School Dress Code and Code of Conduct

Visit our Board Policy and Administrative Procedures' web page for more information.

Safe Drinking Water

Lead in Drinking Water — Questions and Answers

Ontario Regulation 243/07 for Safe Drinking Water in Child Care Centres and Schools

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