Video Transcript of Superior North Google Summit 2.0 Featuring Google for Education

>> Student 1: Today is the second Google summit.

>> Student 2: People from Google teach us about Google slides, Google docs

>> Student 3: My favourite part about today is we learn about our Google Chromebooks and what we can do on them

>> Student 4: I learned how team work is something you always have to have

>> Donnie Piercey, EdTechTeam (on Twitter at @mrpiercEy): Today we are learning with these lovely students here. We are showing them innovative ways they can use Google Apps for innovation beyond the regular way people think of using Google. Beyond simple searches and instead working on things like collaboration, team building, and problem-solving.

>> Student 5: Hacking people's things ;-)

>> Katie Di Biagio, Technology-Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact: for Superior North Catholic District School Board - The main two things we are trying to push in our school board in terms of Google Apps for Education is collaboration and communication. The apps are designed to naturally allow for collaboration. Students can share things with other students and with teachers. Google Apps allows them to communicate easier with their peers and teachers. We hope that the skills that they are learning in Google Apps transfer in other settings as well.

>> Michael Wacker, EdTechTeam (on Twitter at @mwacker): The students have a schedule so they can sign up for which sessions they want to go to everything from breakout, google drawings, but we also have a handful of sessions that are student led. Students who were here last year and wanted to showcase what they learned and now they are having the opportunity to teach what they have learned.

>> Student 6: I just attended one of they sessions and it was really fun. We got a chance to share what we had learned with other kids within the school board.

>> Student 7: I taught a beginner's guide to using your Google Drive. I hope they learned a basic amount of tips so they [the other students] can start using Google Drive at home and on trips as well as recommend using Google Drive to their teachers.

>> Katie Di Biagio: I'm hoping that the students learned how to persevere, how to not give up when they struggle and when they come across an issue and they don't know the answer right away. I'm hoping that they learn if they stick with it that they will eventually find the solution. I'm hoping that they learned that they can be the leaders of technology. That they are learning and they can go back to their schools and teach the rest of their classmates and their teachers and even their parents the stuff they are learning. I'm hoping that they are learning that teachers are learners too. We don't everything and even today when I was getting asked questions, I didn't always have the answers. I hope the children see that we [teachers] are learning too.

>> Kim Figliomeni, Holy Angels School Principal: The is our second student summit. We were fortunate to have the first student summit and lots of people have learned what we did. To be able to have the second student summit a year later is amazing because our kids have had a year of using Google. We now have Chromebooks for all grade five and six students. The grade five and six students can go back and teach the kids in their schools, the teachers, and spread the information about how we can use these tools to collaborate, to work together, to learn together. The tools are only good if you know how to use them.