AIM Method For Teaching French: Overview and Benefits Introduction

AIM Method For Teaching French: Overview and Benefits Introduction

AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method) is a foreign language teaching method that uses music, dance, gestures and theatre to support learning.

When using AIM to teach French, hundreds of essential French words are taught alongside gestures, which are then combined with storytelling, theatre, music, and dance, to help students remember and speak the new vocabulary.

AIM Assessment

Children speak and write in French daily, allowing constant feedback for teachers. This ongoing evaluation of students allows teachers to adjust lessons, and review areas where children are struggling.

Examples of assessment opportunities include;

a. Students speaking together as the teacher gestures: Such activities provide immediate feedback on comprehension of the French accent, words as well as the understanding of French grammar concepts.

b. Students speaking during group activities when working on written activities: Such activities give teachers opportunities to document students’ ability to take part in authentic interactions in French.

c. Daily oral and written activities: Such activities allow teachers to assess developing language skills.

d. Creative writing samples: Creative writing is also part of AIM assessment. It is by far the most significant assessment opportunity for determining proficiency. 

French school plays help children learn their vocabulary
Photo, French language plays allow kids to practice vocabulary

AIM Benefits

The most notable include the following;

1. The method is more efficient than other foreign language teaching methods, likely because the children are active participants in every class. AIM outperforms almost all other teaching methods, and its only closest comparison is a full immersion program.

2. AIM is great for everyone

The AIM method for teaching French also stands out because it is perfect for young children as well as older students in grades 7 and 8. 

3. Focuses on both oral and written language skills

Unlike other foreign language teaching methods, AIM for teaching French concentrates on both oral and written skills in equal measure. As a result, students develop language proficiency faster and naturally.

4. AIM assessment is easy, thorough and frequent

The students' daily speaking and writing provide teachers with progress measurement opportunities each day. Teachers understand what their students comprehend at any given time.

5. AIM allows parent involvement

The AIM method for teaching French is also great because it involves parents as well. Students present what they have learned to their parents after reflecting on their progress. Parents are also welcome to give feedback to their children and teachers. 

Children learning their French vocabulary
Photo, French language vocabulary


The AIM method for teaching French is one of the best since it offers benefits similar to those of full language immersion programs at a fraction of the time it takes full immersion programs.

For just a few hours a day, students can be able to master French to the highest levels possible. The method is also ideal for everyone. Teachers also get numerous opportunities for assessment and parents get involved too.