Choosing the Right Path for your Child

Choosing the Right Path for your Child

One of the most important decisions you will make for your child is a path of education. You can choose a path that not only promises a commitment to excellence in academics, athletics, and extracurricular opportunities but also one that focuses on who your child is becoming, namely a person with integrity, values, and character.

An educational institution motivated, immersed and unified in Christian values is uniquely structured to meet this important — yet often overlooked — objective in the modern world.

Here's why:

1. A better world.

To their core, traditional Christian values promote a better world — and each person's role to make their own positive, constructive difference in the communities one finds themselves in — and beyond.

An educational environment that promotes loving your neighbour — even if they are different than you — going the extra mile — even if one could get away with less — instills in students that there is more to life than just "looking out for number one."

2. Handling life's pressures.

Traditional Christian values of faith, prayer, and contemplation equip children with practices to help them maintain a healthy interior life.

The pressures of life — as a student, as well as in adulthood, can easily weigh a person down on the inside — emotionally, mentally and physically. An educational institution that models traditional Christian practices of managing "what's going on in the inside" provides students with some skills to help weather the difficulties of life.

3. Personal Responsibility.

Traditional Christian values promote a deep sense of personal responsibility in students — not only for pursuing excellence in their studies and future careers, but also in relationships.

These types of values teach students their life counts — and so does every other life. Students learn how their decisions, words, and actions affect others.

4. Accountability.

With responsibility comes accountability — an essential skill need for a good life.

The Christian value of honesty keeps students away from a blaming, justifying, and excuses, towards accountability and the need to make reconciliation when one is wronged.

5. Community.

A child's home is to be a place of nurture, security, and refuge. A school whose faculty and student body unify through Christian values of understanding, patience, forgiveness and compassion, provides a network of relationships to support students through the struggles, crises and tragedies life in the real world inevitably brings one's way.


As a parent, you are bombarded with responsibilities from work, to family, to raising your child, it's comforting to know the community of people at school, share your desire for your child's happiness and well-being.

We focus on educational experiences that incorporate academic excellence and the nurturing of the whole child as he/she becomes a person of integrity for a lifetime.

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6