Cross Country Race

Cross Country Race

October 10th was a beautiful day in Red Rock and a perfect day for the 28th Annual Cross Country Race hosted by St. Hilary Catholic School.

This year, over 200 students participated in the 2.8 km race. Students attended from as far as Margaret Twomey Public School, Terrace Bay Public School, Schreiber Public School, Holy Angels Catholic School, St. Martin Catholic School, Ecole Franco-Terrace, Dorion Public School, St. Edward Catholic School and George O’Neil Public School!

group shot of start of the race
St. Hilary Catholic School swept the Junior Girls division with Abby Clowes crossing the finish line 1st with a time of (12:28), 2nd Tory Clowes (13:06), 3rd Madeleine Giguere (13:10) and 4th Julia Sands (13:32). Holy Angels Catholic School placed 2nd in the Junior Girls, Terrace Bay Public School placed 3rd and Margaret Twomey placed 4th!
Saint Hilary Junior Girls
George O’ Neill won the overall Junior Boys division, Margaret Twomey placed 2nd, Dorion Public School placed 3rd and Holy Angels Catholic School placed 4th. Daelan Burgess Marshall (MTPS) finished first with a time of 11:30, followed by Jack Barber (George O 11:37),  Lucas Dupuis(George O 12:25) and Peter Guilbault (Dorion PS 12:32)!
Saint Edward Student at Cross Country Run
racing for the finish line

The Senior Girls were also speedy with the following times: 1st Brooke Rodgers (St. Martin 11:55), 2nd Olivia Dupuis (George O 12:42), 3rd Isabella Marchand(Dorion PS 13:17) and 4th Jorja Fournier (St. Martin 14:18). George O’Neil won the overall senior girls, Dorion Public School placed 2nd and St. Hilary 3rd!

Saint Martin student running in cross country run

The Senior Boys overall was won by George O’ Neil and St. Hilary came second. Liam Stenlund (George O) crossed the finish line first with a time of 11:40, followed by 2nd Raoul Figliomeni (HAS) at 11:55, Cedrick Gaujean (STHS) placed 3rd at 12:10 and Nick Figliomeni (HAS) placed fourth at 12:28.

Senior boys receiving awards at cross country run
Each school nominated a student for the Gyven Boudreau Dedication to and Love of Running Award. The nominees were are follows:
  • Lauren Giguere - St. Hilary Catholic School
  • Konstantine Thompson Esquega - St. Edward Catholic School 
  • Sophia Craig - Margaret Twomey Public School
  • Roark Tyhuis - George O'Neil Public School
  • Declan Magyar - Dorion Public School
  • Raoul Figliomeni - Holy Angels Catholic School 
  • Bobby Bryson - Terrace Bay Public School 
  • Riker Tubman - Ecole Franco Terrace Bay 
  • Zoey Krause - Schreiber Public School 
This year the award went to Riker Tubman from St. Martin School!
Thank you to all of our volunteers for making this such a great day! Thank you to our wonderful sponsors as it was your generosity that enabled us to purchase medals for all of our finishers and some really cool prizes! Thank you to all of the coaches! A special thank you to all of the participants - stay healthy and continue to embrace an active lifestyle!
“Remember you don’t get to the finish line unless you start!” (anonymous)