French Restaurant Experience for St. Joseph Students

French Restaurant Experience for St. Joseph Students

The St. Joseph Catholic School, French as a Second Language students from grades 3-8 had an opportunity to go to Sebbi’s Restaurant in Geraldton as part of the Food Unit. Before visiting the restaurant, the students practiced through mock restaurant sessions being served and ordering in French.

The grade 3-4 class went on Thursday, June 13th and grade 5-8 class went on Friday, June 14th. They were served in French by the wonderful owner, answered questions and ordered in French. Some students were overwhelmed but gathered courage and did it. They all did great!

students at restaurant for french class

This was an amazing, fun experience for our students – one we are certain they will never forget.

One grade 3 student said once she was finished eating, “Mme Connie, this wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”

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