Learning About Local Outdoor Activities

Learning About Local Outdoor Activities

On Wednesday, October 25, St. Hilary Catholic School had a great day learning collaboratively with our community members!

Thank you so much to all our presenters who helped build character and citizenship among students and nature!

Michael Eliott from Epic Adventures helped us learn all about our local hiking trails and all the hard work that goes into maintaining them. Students are so excited to try out some new trails for both hiking and snowshoeing. Michael also explained about the local Pump Track club and has students excitedly awaiting a new season.

Ray Dupuis and Deacon Dave Dupuis taught our students about fishing and tying flies! It was really great to learn about what makes the fly waterproof and float.

"What is in the solution that makes it float" (talking about how flies for fly fishing are made) - Ashley

Saint Hilary Student learning how to fly fish

Thank you to our presenter, Mike McCooeye, who helped teach us about safe and responsible hunting and gun use! Students had a blast learning about moose calls! We have some very talented moose callers at this school!

The MNR also came with an awesome presentation about local wildlife and how to identify tracks and scat. We used technology to creatively edit fabulous outdoor scenes thanks to our Digital Learning Lead, Sarah Clowes and our Drama teacher Tammy Wilson. Special thanks goes to Jen Ross and our Trustee, Shirley Jean who also helped with this fun and informative day.

Students also got to enjoy a great afternoon of outdoor play. Our Outdoor Expo had our students learning about collaboration, communication, character, citizenship, critical thinking and creativity and how they can apply these traits in our natural environment.

Thank you to Lisa Copp and Melissa Nystrom from St. Hilary Catholic School for organizing such an amazing event!

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind, and Soul."