From Library to Learning Commons

From Library to Learning Commons

St. Martin Catholic School's Library has been physically transformed into an innovative and creative learning environment called the “Learning Commons. St. Martin is the first of our schools to begin the transformation and we are thrilled!

Learning Commons are inclusive, flexible, learner-centered spaces for collaboration, inquiry, imagination, and play. These innovative, shared spaces will help meet the needs of our 21st Century Learners and global competencies. Libraries are being re-invented and are becoming a shared learning environment for the whole school community. Books still play a critical role in supporting learners, but digital technologies offer additional pathways to learning and comfort is fun too.
Deeper learning for our students requires that we focus on Michael Fullan's 6 C's:
  • Character – students learning to persevere and work hard
  • Citizenship – creating learning experiences that are safe and inclusive for all.
  • Collaboration – working together to reach a common goal.
  • Communication – all of our students must read, write and speak about their learning.
  • Creativity – we all must be encouraged to think differently.
  • Critical thinking – problem-solving is a key component.

The use of innovative technology as a tool in our learning common environments will ensure learning is evident in each of the 6 areas.

At Superior North Catholic DSB we are Leading and Learning! In our learning commons, everyone is a leader and everyone is a learning. We are excited to see our students and staff use these school hubs in their everyday learning!

It has been amazing to see the positive impact flexible seating has had on student engagement. Students are excited to come into these learning environments to learn!

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind, and Soul."