National Coding Project: Living Space

National Coding Project: Living Space

Students from St. Hilary Catholic School, St. Edward Catholic School, St. Martin Catholic School and St. Brigid Catholic School are participating in a national coding project using Micro:bits called Living Space. On November 8 and 9 students from Superior, North Catholic District School Board participated in a live webinar with Alex White from Let’s Talk Science. Alex introduced the project Living Space and the importance of evaluating the environmental factors within our learning environments or living space. The five elements include temperature, humidity, light, sound and air quality.

students coding

During the 2-day training event, students coded the Micro:bit to simulate their own heartbeat and create a step counter very similar to a pedometer. The live webinar was an introduction to the larger national project Living Space funded through Cancode Program and the Canadian Space Agency is a partner in the project. Students will be measuring and collecting data for the environmental factors within their learning space using the Micro:bit and a sensor. The data collected will be shared with the national database of participants and compared to Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques data collected while in space at the International Space Station. This authentic learning highlights David Saint-Jacques launch on December 3, 2018, and creates a context for what real astronauts do while in space.

Student coding

The online training of students and educators was a rich collaboration of learning, sharing and problem-solving. Using technology can reduce barriers to access unique learning opportunities, by partnering with other schools across the large geographic area demonstrates 21st-century learning. Schools are preparing students for the future supporting computational and analytical thinking skills.

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