Play From Home - Ideas to help keep kids active at home

Play From Home - Ideas to help keep kids active at home

Jumpstart recognizes the connection between active play and the benefits for Self-Esteem, Social Skills and Academics.

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Jumpstart aims to make sports and play accessible and inclusive to all Canadians! They believe no child should be left out from the chance to get active.

“For kids in need, a chance to play is about more than just getting active.”

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Jumpstart has created ‘Play from Home’: an online hub dedicated to providing diverse activities to children, so they can support their wellbeing, all while considering the changes in our current daily routines.

Here are some links to resources that we found for indoor, outdoor, and quiet activities!

Keep active indoors!

Sometimes, all you need is a little motivation!

Jumpstart has provided a list of fun, online resources with activities to do at home. No matter what the weather, we can still find things that we enjoy, support our wellbeing and keep us healthy!

Here are some resources provided by Jumpstart’s Play At Home Program that you can do right in your house!

list of website with activities for children to play at home

A great way to ground yourself and unplug from technology is to partake in outdoor activities!

A great way to ground yourself and unplug from technology, is to partake in outdoor activities!

Here are some great resources who have partnered up with Jumpstart to get people moving outdoors!

  • Hockey Canada
    • Get some tips and tricks for off-season fitness training from Adam, Hockey Canada’s lead strength and conditioning coach.
  • Fit Spirit
    • Check out their YouTube channel for some outdoor workout activities! They also have dance workouts that you could bring to your backyard!
  • Canadian Olympic School Program
    • Download the calendar for a full variety of activities available every day!
  • Active for Life
    • This site provides a range of skills activities from age 1 to 12!
  • Alberta Active After School
    • This site allows you to chose the skill, play area, group size and time frame for fun activities!

Here are some activities to try during your quiet time. Check out these activities from JumpStart and their partners.

Are you a hockey player? Check out some workouts from the Calgary Flames. Don’t have gym equipment don’t worry you don’t need it.

Mindful Minute get access to lots of materials from the Flames, Hitmen, Stampeders, and Roughnecks, including new and inspirational messages from the players, which will boost spirits and emotional well-being. You will need to create an account.

Watch a video from The Abilities Centre on breathing techniques to calm stress and anxiety.

YMCA Meditation techniques to bring you strength to your mind body and soul.

Check out some Arts and Crafts that you can try at home.

The Canadian Paralympics Team has a great activity book you can do during your quiet time.

Listen to the Goodnight Relaxation Audio by the Mindful Project, and check out their website for daily activities.

Download Skate Canada’s activity book. It’s a fun, engaging activity for parents and children to enjoy at home! Filled with lessons and brain teasers

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