St. Edward Catholic School Gr. 4/5 Mental Health & Makeup

St. Edward Catholic School Gr. 4/5 Mental Health & Makeup

The Grade 4/5 students at St. Edward Catholic School had the amazing opportunity to participate in an experiential learning project titled Mental Health and Makeup. Thanks to the creative and artistic classroom teacher, Mrs. Currie, who submitted an experiential learning proposal for the project. The project created an opportunity for students to explore special effects, goal setting, wellbeing and positive mental health through setting personal goals about who they want to be in the future. Students explored what characteristics, aspirations, personality traits and personal achievements they have for themselves.

two students displaying makeup project
students displaying makeup project

Through the learning experience, many curriculum expectations were met from the mathematics, health, literacy, media arts, visual arts and performing arts curriculum. The idea of symmetry and patterning was evident throughout the design and implementation of students' makeup. Students reflected on their own social and emotional wellbeing. They developed their own character, expressing thoughts and feelings.

makeup project

The goal of experiential learning projects is to provide students with authentic, hands-on learning opportunities that will inform their future pathways. There are many career opportunities connected to performing arts including actor, actress, community arts worker, choreographer, dancer, drama therapist, theatre director and many more. We know at SNCDSB, that many of our student body have expressed interest in the Arts & Culture sector. We also know that artist, animator and cartoonist is a career that many of our students have indicated that they would like to explore.

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."