St. Hilary Catholic School Vocal Group Soirée

St. Hilary Catholic School Vocal Group Soirée

On Wednesday, June 13 an enthusiastic audience gathered in the St. Hilary Catholic School gymnasium to join the school's Vocal Group for an elegant and fun Soirée!

The audience was entertained by the St. Hilary Vocal Group who sang songs by great artists like Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars and hits from the musicals Rent, Grease, and Fame. The music director for the group was Ms. Tammy Wilson, SNCDSB Arts Lead and Mentor.

The student vocal artists were Abigail Clowes, Hannah Lafleur, Alison Rose, Ariana Saunders, Julia Sands, Ashley Sheriff, Carysn Todesco and Isabella Tremblay.

St. Hilary Catholic School Vocal Group picture
group photo of the performers during the show
An honorary volunteer donation of a loonie was kindly suggested and 100% of all proceeds went to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

"Music gives the soul to the universe, wings to the mind, fight to the imagination and life to everything." - Plato