St. Martin Leadership Team

St. Martin Leadership Team

St. Martin Leadership Team has been doing some incredible work this year and is truly on a journey of social change!

The team has spent the school year organizing amazing lunches and bakes sakes to help feed school children in Ethiopia. The school has set a $5,000 goal for this school year to donate towards the WE Education Pillar in Ethiopia.

Encouragement along the way is always inspiring and the school was very excited to receive a special message from Marc Kielburger, Co-founder of the WE Movement, which includes WE Charity, ME to WE Social Enterprise and WE Day.

The Leadership team would also like to thank the Lake Superior High School Student Council. The Lake Superior High School Council held a children’s Winterfest dance and payed it forward by sharing the proceeds they made to St. Martin School.

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."