Financial Literacy Activities

Financial Literacy Activities
Posted on 11/30/2022
St. Hilary Catholic School Grade 1 and 2 students

During the month of November students and staff all over Superior North Catholic District School Board were encouraged to participate in Financial Literacy Activities to promote fluency and understanding of money concepts. Math Leads, Karly Baker and Aaron Stephens, supported staff and students by hosting various engaging Financial Literacy activities in all grade levels, Kindergarten to Grade 8. Many teachers also participated in their own activities and submitted pictures to showcase money concepts being learned in their classrooms with the hope to be chosen to win one of our prize packs that features money games, books, and manipulatives. Lessons and activities were targeted to reinforce skills and expectations from the new 2020 Math Curriculum.

Holy Angels Catholic School Grade 2 students

In this hands-on activity, students needed to count by nickels (5s) in order to solve a “Wonder Task” from MathUP which focuses on critical thinking an problem solving skills. Students needed to watch a video and use their eyes and ears as a tool in order to estimate how many nickels were dropped into the jar. The challenging part was that sometimes nickels appeared in the jar that were not dropped, so students really had to pay attention to the video to notice the trick! After students needed to determine the value of the coins in the jar. A hundreds chart was used as a tool, along with skip-counting as a strategy to figure out the total amount of money in the jar.

St. Edward Catholic School Grade 1 and 2 students

Holy Saviour Catholic School Grade 1 students

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