Math from Home

At SNCDSB we care deeply about our students’ academic achievement and success. We encourage parents and students to access the following websites during school closures.

IXL Subscription

IXL Logo

SNCDSB provides all students with access to IXL math diagnostics and curriculum-based skill building questions.

Access: Pre-paid for all students by SNCDSB.

Grades: Kindergarten - 8

Explore IXL's Website

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Reflex Math Subscription

Reflex Math logo

SNCDSB provides all students with access to Reflex math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Access: Pre-paid for all students by SNCDSB.

Grades: Kindergarten - 8

Explore Reflex Math Website

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Math Playground

Math Playground Logo

Explore hundreds of math games, word problems and videos.

Access: Free

Grades: 1 - 6

Math Playground Website


Prodigy Logo

Game based math learning. You can track your child’s progress with a parent account

Access: Free

Grades: 1 - 8

Prodigy Game Website

Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math for Kids Logo

Math lessons, quizzes, brain teasers, online manipulatives and games.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 6

Cool Math 4 Kids Website


Mathies Logo

Access to games, learning tools / manipulatives and home resources for parents on math.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Mathies Website

mPower TVO

TVO mPower Logo

65+ online games support the mastery of tough-to-learn math concepts, spotlight Ontario towns and professions in compelling ways, and bolster understanding of STEM and the social sciences.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 6

mPower TVO Website

Student Login

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Logo

Step by step learning on all curriculum strands including videos. There is even a learning app for kids.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Khan Academy Website

Mathify TVO

TVO Mathify Logo

Math Tutoring Support, Tools and Activities for Students (Formerly “Homework Help”)

Access: Free

Grades: 6 - 10

Mathify TVO Website

Math StoryTime

Math Storytime Logo

Math Learning Through Fictional Digital Picture Books. Download the app.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 4

Math StoryTime Website

Choose a Path that Includes Math

Choose a Path that includes math Logo

An online tool kit that is user-friendly and inspiring source of information for Ontario teens and parents who are exploring choices for high school math courses.

Access: Free

Grade: 8

Choose a Path that Includes Math Website

Inspire Your Child to Learn and Love Math

Inspire Your Child Logo

A resource to support parents to encourage mathematics learning at home

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 8

Mathify TVO Website

Pearson Mathology

Pearson Mathology Logo

This resource includes grade level stories, available in both english and french with supporting activities online and to do at home. All stories are available as PDFs or digital books that can be read to your child!

New books will be added every week! Check it out.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 3

Pearson Mathology Website

Pearson Canada

Pearson Logo

Pearson Canada is providing the opportunity to continue the learning experience at home. Through the links below, you can access the same high quality, trusted Canadian K-12 resources at no cost.

  • Open access to eText of trusted Pearson textbooks on Texidium (Kivuto)
  • 90 day access to – online tool containing rich math activities

Grade: Kindergarten - 8

Pearson Website

90-Day Free Access Login

Login Help — IXL (Math and Language) and Reflex Subscription

Each student has their own username and password.

Use the same username and password for both IXL (math and language) and Reflex Math.

Please contact your student's teacher for login information.

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Literacy from Home

IXL Literacy Subscription

From phonics and reading comprehension to writing strategies and more, IXL helps learners develop the communication skills needed for success in school, university and career.

Access: Pre-paid for all students by SNCDSB.

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Student Login

IXL English Language Arts Website


Raz kids logo

The award-winning website where students go to read — anytime, anywhere!

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 5

Raz-Kids Website

Storyline Online

Storyline Online Logo

Storyline Online, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 4

Storyline Online

ABC Kids

ABC Kids Logo

Videos, games, and apps for early education.

Access: Free

Ages: Early Childhood up to age 6

ABC Kids Website

Epic Digital Library

Epic Digital Library

Instantly access 40,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 6

Epic Website


Sora logo

Sora is a K-12 app designed around the modern reading experience that empowers students and educators with access to the most extensive and diverse catalog of ebooks and audiobooks available to schools. Sora provides access to the latest popular reading, classic titles and instructive non-fiction. Students use it to put books on their Chromebook to read.

Access: Free


Sora Website Login

How to login to Sora.


Scholastic Logo

Day by day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 9

Scholastic Website

Newsela Media Literacy

Newwela Logo

Newsela is a media literacy resource that explores real world content news. Sourced from trusted media outlets the content is adapted to engage and educate learners over various reading levels.

Access: Free for the rest of the school year.

Grades: 2 - 12

Newsela Website

Métis Nation Education Kits

Metis Logo

Métis Nation of Ontario Education Kits are an excellent resource for students, teachers, educators and community members to use inside and out of the classroom.

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Métis Education Website

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Catholic Education

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ

Growing in Faith Logo

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ is a Religious Education program sponsored by the Catholic Bishops of Ontario and developed in collaboration with Catholic educators from across Canada..

If you click on any grade, it will bring you to a screen with videos, music, and interactive activities. There is also a "Parent Corner" that has information for parents as well as more hands-on activities that parents can use with their child.

Grades: 1 - 8

Growing in Faith Website

Growing in Faith Login

All students use the same username and password. You can contact your principal, teacher, or a friend to get the username and password.

Teaching Catholic Kids

Teaching Catholic Kids Logo

Free downloadable activities and articles are updated each week.

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 3

Teaching Catholic Kids Website

Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association

Logo of Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association.

Textbooks are available to download for students.

Access: Free

Grades: 7 -8

Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association Website.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

Scholastic Science

Scholastic logo

Wide variety of subjects including topics such as Plants,Human Body, Landforms, Solar System, Force and Motion, Animals, Ecosystems, Weather and Climate, Matter, and Energy, Light, and Sound.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Scholastic Science Website

Hour of Code

Code Logo® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in school.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 12

Code Website

Breakout EDU

Breakout Education logo

This is an immersive learning games platform.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 12

Breakout EDU Website

Kids Discover

Kids Discover logo

Includes topics such as planets, geography, conservation, migrations, robitics, lungs, simple machines, and more.

Access: some free topics in each category.

Grades: Kindergarten - 8

Kids Discover Website

PBS Kids Design Squad

PBS kids logo

Watch, design, build, or play games.

Access: Free

Ages: 10 - 13 year olds.

PBS Kids Website

Let's Talk Science

Let's Talk science log

Let’s Talk Science supports the development of all youth into creative, critical thinkers and knowledgeable citizens who are prepared to participate and thrive in a complex global environment.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Let's Talk Science Website

Tomatosphere Website

Science Education Resources

Government of Canada logo

Activities, lesson plans, videos and more to help youth learn about science and technology.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Government of Canada Website

Wonderville Website

Wonderville logo

Our resources and tools give teachers new ways to engage students in STEM. Used in 170 countries, our award winning STEM content helps inspire lifelong learning.

Access: Free during school shutdowns

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Wonderville Website

Science Bob

Science Bob Logo

“Science Bob” Pflugfelder is a science teacher, author, maker, and presenter that knows how to share the world of science like never before. He is a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Live With Kelly and Ryan, The Dr. Oz Show, and Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.

Access: Free

Science Bob Website

Funology Science Experiments

Funology logo

Funology is the ultimate parenting toolbox! We offer ideas you can use to inspire and entertain your kids offline. Simply put, we offer the cure to boredom!

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Funology Website

Scientists in School

scientist logo

Our mission is to ignite scientific curiosity in children so that they question intelligently; learn through discovery; connect scientific knowledge to their world; are excited about science, technology, engineering and math; and have their interest in careers in those fields piqued.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 6

Scientists in School Website

School of Dragons

school of dragons logo

Children love to experiment and discover the world around them. Check out these fun easy science experiments your child can do at home!

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

School of Dragons Website

Magic School Bus

Magic school bus logo

Activities centered around Magic School Bus book series.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 4

Magic School Bus Website

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic kids logo

Activities from National Geographic Kids.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

National Geographic Kids Website


science flix logo

Topics such as earth science, space science, life science, health, physical science, tech, engineering, and math.

Access: Free for students of SNCDSB

If you are asked to login, please login in to your Google account and then try to visit the Scienceflix website link again. If you have an issue, please let us know through our contact form.

Grades: 4 -8

Scienceflix Website

Resources for Home Website

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Financial Literacy

E-me App (iTunes Store)

eme logo

Free App designed for Grade 7 & 8 on Media and Financial Literacy. Notes on the Lesson in the Game

Access: Free

Grades: 7 - 8

E-me App iTunes Store

Ministry Of Education: Financial Literacy Education

Ministry of Education Logo

This site give a basic overview of Financial Literacy Goals as a province. Most importantly it has great resources for parents. Youtube Video

Access: Free

Grades: 4 - 12

Financial Literacy Website

Building Futures in Ontario 

Building futures in Ontario logo

Ready to use lesson plans with games, read-alouds, cross curricular links and so much more. Brought to you by CFEE (Canadian Foundation for Economic Education).

Access: Free

Grades: 4 -10

Building Futures in Ontario Website

Money & Youth (CFEE & IG Wealth Management)

Money and Youth Logo

This free resource has 14 modules covering everything youth need to know about financial literacy. Includes teacher guides and parent resources.

Access: Free

Grades: 7 - 8

Money and Youth Website

Scholastics Financial Literacy

Scholastic logo

This is one of the few resources that spans Kindergarten to Grade 8. NOTE: US dollars are used in some of the lessons so substitute CDN dollar.

Access: Free

Grades: Kindergarten - 8

Scholastics Financial Literacy Website

Talk with Our Kids about Money (CFEE & Scotiabank)

Talk Money Logo

What a great time to talk to our kids about money! Home resources can be found under the “Resource” tab under the “Home” link

Access: Free

Grades: 1 - 8

Talk with Our Kids about Money Website

Practical Money Skills (VISA)

Practical Money Skill Canada

VISA created a website complete with a series of online games, educator resources, financial calculators and even Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy Comics (Resources Tab).

Access: Free

Grades: 1 - 8

Practical Money Skills Website

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Physical Education, Mindfulness, Health, Planning

Ophea Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities

Ophea Logo

Alongside Ontario's teachers, Ophea has put together a collection of our health and physical education content to use with your kids to stay healthy and active at home. These resources can be used to continue learning while at home and are appropriate for parents and caregivers and as part of your child’s teachers’ health and physical education lesson planning.

Access: Free

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Ophea Resources for Parents

Ophea Lesson Plans

Active For Life

Active for Life Logo

Active for Life is a Canadian not-for-profit social initiative founded by B2ten. We are a national initiative created to help parents give their children the right start in life through the development of physical literacy.

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 8

Active for Life Website

School’s cancelled—what now? Here are 200+ activities you can do with kids at home


Xello Logo

Xello is an online program to help students prepare for academic, career, and future success. The program allows students to build self-knowledge, personalized plans, and critical life skills.

For Canadian Parents & Guardians: How Xello Supports Remote Learning

Access: Free

Grades: 6 - 8

Xello Website

Login Information: Students can log into their D2L account and then access Xello without a separate login. Make sure to be logged into your school board account before trying to access D2L.

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