Birds of a Feather Flock Together - Collaborative Partnerships at Holy Angels Catholic School

Birds of a Feather Flock Together - Collaborative Partnerships at Holy Angels Catholic School
Posted on 05/05/2021

The collaborative staff and students at Holy Angels Catholic School in Schreiber found a way to work together safely even through the pandemic. The Grade ⅞ students chose birdhouses for the Kindergarten to decorate and install in their outdoor learning space. The project was made possible through experiential learning funding through the Superior North Catholic District School Board (SNCDSB). Kindergarten students were able to demonstrate their creativity by drawing designs on their birdhouses. Grade ⅞ students had the opportunity to explore the woodworking trade through the hands-on experience of using wood-burning tools to make their designs permanent on the birdhouses. Without Covid restrictions, students would have built the birdhouses themselves with the partnership of local craftsmen - instead, we ordered birdhouses and focused on the designs instead.

The Grade ⅞ students were able to inspect the designs and use woodworking tools to implement the Kindergarten designs. Students also made connections to biodiversity as they learned about the bird population, habitats and sustainability practices. Specifically, the impacts of human activities and technologies on the environment and evaluate ways of controlling these impacts.

Collage of Bird Houses

Ms. Hara, Mrs. Winters and a few others were able to install the birdhouses in our outdoor learning space. For years to come, kindergarten students will have the opportunity to observe the visiting birds with their trail camera. The birdhouses also open up, so once the birds are done nesting, students can look inside and learn more about bird nests and habits. The goal will be to record and learn about the different kinds of birds that visit. The birdhouses were installed at the end of April. Photos were taken and shared on the school's Facebook page. The students’ families were encouraged to take a walk to check them out.


Students at Holy Angels love to learn outdoors, exploring the natural environment and observing nature. The collaboration and support within the student body fosters leadership and demonstrates Catholic graduate expectation Collaborative Contributor.

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