Considerations to promote well-being at home during COVID-19 Pandemic

Considerations to promote well-being at home during COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted on 01/04/2021

Be mindful of the information you are accessing

  • Choose reliable resources of information to access. Although there's a ton of information being shared, not all are helpful.
  • Monitor how much time you are spending on social media. Use social media to stay connected with friends, family, find new fun activities to engage your children in and stay informed but don't spend too much time scrolling through unhelpful information.
  • School Mental Health Ontario has been working hard to provide resources to schools, children and families across Ontario.
  • Follow our Superior North Catholic District School Board website for helpful information along with ideas to stay connected and engaged with each other. It's together we will find strength and perseverance to meet life's daily challenges.

Be patient with yourself and others

Prolonged stress can take its toll on all of us. Your world has changed dramatically and you may feel a whole new set of expectations has been placed on you. Set clear and achievable goals for yourself, but also know it's ok to take your time to do this. As parents, we are also adjusting to a lot of change. Be mindful of the expectations you place on yourself while you adjust to our current situation.

Our worries are changing and may impact our ability to stay well. Being aware of our worries and having plans to cope will help promote resilience during such unpredictable times in the world. If you are unsure how to cope there are mental health services available. If you are interested in accessing services, but unsure how, contact your child's principal or contact Tracy Bryson, SNCDSB Mental Health Lead at [email protected] or text/call 807-228-3368.

Be consistent and set routines! But don't forget to be REALISTIC and start with small changes or additions if needed. Now is already a stressful time but it's proven strong routines do help us stay well.

Check out and or Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) for helpful links and resources for us as parents, for ourselves, or for helpful tips in supporting others. There are many other helpful resources and links located on our website.

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